The best “koosi” masters are in Sekoti JHS!

Koosi” – fried beans cakes

How to you call a fried cake in your country? A pancake? A doughnut? Something else? We, in Ghana, Upper East region, call  fried beans-flour-cake as “koosi“. We don’t eat “koosi” every day, it is a dish for special occasions. Today was special occasion for us – we, the 3rd grade students from Sekoti Junior High School (in Estonia 9th grade) prepared our national dish in front of our school house, under the tree.

There were following people in our cooking team:

  • two teachers who guided us (but we did all by ourselves)
  • Video: Samuel
  • Cooks: Alice, Martha, Jennifer, Grace and two Mary’s.
“Koosi” masters from Sekoti JHS

The process was fun and the result tasty. Actually, the volunteer from Estonia, Liina, said that “koosi” was the best national dish she has tasted in Africa so far!

Isn’t it delicious?



Yes? Yes! Watch the video and find out how we prepared “koosi“!


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