Kon Yome Monastic School


Kon Yome is situated in a rural area of Shan State in Myanmar (Burma). It is a village school that offers education for students until Grade 5. There are two buildings – one for KG and Grade 2 students and the other one for Grades 3, 4 and 5. There is a total of around 30 students and 2 teachers at this school (one teacher for each of the buildings). The headmaster of the school is a Buddhist monk who manages several other schools in the area. One of the school buildings was recently built with the help of Child’s Dream Foundation. Before that, there was only one building built with the donations from the local people. The school is operated with the means from the Monastery and the help of Rural Development Foundation of Shan State (RDFSS) – they support the school with school materials and send their Mobile Teacher Trainers to train the teachers and offer help with the students. Village school operates daily, from Monday to Sunday, as the farmers need to work every day and their children need a safe place to spend their day.

To continue their education, the students from this village have to move to a bigger village or a town to enter one of the government high schools (RDFSS supports their studies in Namlan High School, for example). For this they have to live in boarding houses without their parents throughout the school year (June-March).

Kon Yome entered the Mondo School Linking Programme in August 2016 with the support of an Estonian volunteer English teacher.