A. Kitzberg Gymnasium

We are from A. Kitzberg Gymnasium, which is located in Karksi-Nuia, Viljandi county, in the southern part of Estonia. In our school, there are 325 students and 40 teachers. There are lots of opportunities for extracurricular activities. Sports are of great importance at our school. For example the world famous discus throwers Margus Hunt and Märt Israel have graduated our school.


We also have a very active and actually one of the best student councils in Estonia, who recently organized ,,Maailmaöö” (,,The Night of the World”) for our school’s 7.-12. grade students. There students acquired knowledge using a more innovative approach in the evening through lectures and fun workshops, which were conducted by professionals. According to the name, the topic emanated from culture, travelling and was tied together with discovering the world. One of the most popular workshops was Thai cuisine, where students could take a closer look at this region’s foods and culture. The workshop was supervised by the chef at the restaurant Vaga Mama, who comes from Nepal. This kind of project has never taken place at our school before and the students loved it!

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Kolga School

kolga-koolKolga School with its 136 students is a little school in North Estonia. Although North Estonia is generally considered as one of the most industrialized areas in Estonia, it also contains Lahemaa National Park. Kolga lies in the national park and is known for its manor complex.

The schoolhouse is away from the village centre near a little stream and surrounded by pine forest. The peaceful environment and relatively small number of students create a friendly atmosphere, void of anonymity and full of caring and collaboration. As our school accepts children from the age of 7 to 16, it is like a big family, where older ones set role models for younger ones, everyone learns to take responsibility and face the consequences.

20161103_123819As our school lies in the Lahemaa National Park, the nature and environment with its diversity and its historical culture and background is very important for our students. The Park is the largest park in Estonia.  The environment teaches us about the preservation, research and promotion of North-Estonian landscapes, ecosystems, biodiversity and national heritage. Lahemaa translates roughly as “Land of Bays”. We have a long coastline, many peninsulas and bays, forests, bogs and nature trails, the area is rich in flora and fauna. We have many manor houses – one of the most unique group of manors in Estonia.

Kuristiku Gymnasium

Kuristiku Gymnasium is located in Tallinn (the capital of Estonia). Fall 2014 the school celebrates its 30th birthday. We have approximately 650 students and they study in classes 1-12. The school has many traditions (School Song and Dance Festival, Miss of Aerobics Contest, sports days) and our students take part in many local and international projects.

Kuristiku Gymnasium

We are participating in this project with 53 students (classes 5 and 6). The students are 11-13 years old. We have three different themes in mind. Students are going to give an overview about the foods Estonians usually eat during important and festive days (first day of school, Christmas, birthday, Easter, Midsummer Day, national holidays). Students are also writing recipes about their favourite foods and give an example of our schools one week lunch menu. Students add pictures and photos to illustrate all themes we are planning to do.

Students and also the teachers are very interested in this project and looking forward to start.

Tallinn Technical Gymnasium

Our school`s curriculum is oriented to science and technical-economic study. At the moment there are more than 700 students in our school. They are divided into 4 school levels according to age (age 7 up to 19). Our school slogan is Primus inter pares.

We are also a member of the worldwide network of UNESCO Associated Schools. We are taking part of the GLOBE project and we have a friendship school in Afganistan. Our school has an active sport life, we have won several prices from sport events in Tallinn. Our main goal is contribution to personal growth of a personality who values healthy lifestyle, develops his/her mind and body and copes with constantly changing learning, living and working environment.

Here are some of our students in the cookery class. Our plan is to participate in this project with the recipes learned in the cookery class and to share our delicious foods with all other partner schools. Most of our cooking will be traditional Estonian foods.

Tsirguliina Secondary School

Tsirguliina Secondary School is located in the southern part of Estonia, in Tõlliste Parish. There are 1,600 people in our parish. Our school is located in the village, where only 500 people live. Our school is a small country-school. We have a beautiful school house, and we love it very much. 129 students and 22 teachers are in our school. The elementary school students have been very active – we have organized many study trips, and a variety of events away from school. Older students attend theater plays, study tours, excursions.
In our country teaching takes place nine months of the year. Children who live far are brought to school by buses. Despite the fact that we are the country side, we have a very modern learning environment. There are computers, projectors, and document cameras in each classes. The school have stadium, a fitness room and a gym. Our kids love to play ball.

Tsirguliina Kool

Home economics room is a well-equipped with cookers and dishwashers and the other the most important kitchen utensils. Kids love to cook.

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Põlva Co-Educational Gymnasium

About 600 students study in our school. Our gymnasium has 12 grades. Grades 1-4 are primary school, grades 5-9 are basic school and grades 10-12 are gymnasium. Our school consists of three connected buildings – A, B and C section. ‘C’ section is connected to a sports facility. Next to the schoolhouse there is a football field, owned by the local Football Club Lootos. The stadium is a few hundred metres away. In autumn and spring, PE lessons are held there, in the football field or in the Instikurmu Health track, which is a park-forest.
At the end of the 6th grade everyone has to choose their ‘field of study’. From the 7th grade they focus on their ‘branch’ which they have chosen. Class ‘A’ focuses on scientific subjects (maths, chemistry, physics), B focuses more on nature (biology, geography) and since 2011, ‘C’ focuses on social subjects and languages.
We study in class ‘C’. Class ‘C’ also participates in various projects and makes their own. We can also choose, which subjects we want to study in addition. 
We have our own school radio, student council and a lot of interesting events take place here. We have very cool and friendly teachers.

We are planning to work with dishes that can be made using KAMA. The girls who are going to participate in the project will try out different recipes, take videos or pictures of it, add the recipes, do some research on kama, etc.

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Tartu Hiie School

Tartu Hiie School is a special school for students who have poor hearing, speaking problems or dyslexia. There are 352 students in our school. We provide education for students from ages 5 to 18. Our pupils come from different parts of Estonia. Those who are not local have a possibility to live in the school dormitory.

33 participants from the sixth grade would part in our united project because of their cooking lessons. Integrating the topic with various subjects as Social Studies, History, English, Cooking, Art and IT, we plan to learn and know more about Estonian ethnic food. Preparing historical meals ourselves, we definitely intend to use Estonian traditional ingredients as barely flour, local herbs, and honey.

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Tamsalu Gymnasium

Tamsalu Gymnasium is a secondary school in North Estonia. The school has a 45-year-old tradition of organising song and dance festivals held each spring. In addition, the school has excellent sports facilities and the local sports centre together with the swimming pool, walking and jogging trails and ski tracks is the main attraction among the sports facilities of Tamsalu. For more information about Tamsalu go

The topic we are going to focus on in our blog is “Bread”. As Roosi’s family owns a bakery called ”Päts” (which means a loaf in English), we plan to visit it,  find out how bread is made and  learn about different types of bread baked there. Our videos and posts will explain how bread gets to our table and its importance in Estonian culture and history.

Toila Gymnasium

We are from Toila Gymnasium. The school is located in a beautiful Toila park, Ida-Virumaa, where used to be the summer residence of the first president of Estonia, Konstantin Päts. In our school there are 229 students and 27 teachers. We also have Music and Art School.

In our project we would like to introduce Estonian food culture, our national dishes (different recipes) and show you how they are made.

Narva Soldino Gymnasium

Narva Soldino Gymnasium is a municipal secondary school with Russian language of instruction, which was founded in 1985. Nowadays Narva Soldino Gymnasium is a fast developing educational institution with humanitarian-ecological emphasis. The school provides modern educational environment and teaching at a high level. More than 870 students study and more than 70 teachers work here.

Narva Soldino Gymnasium is a school with three areas of learning and development: sustainable health, economics and enterprise and integration to the world community through the European Union. As project work is one of our priorities, students and teachers take active part in various projects. We have a creative and efficient project team and we are reliable partners.

For this project we plan to arrange an event about plums, a study tour to a restaurant, an intellectual-cognitive game and a marathon about healthy lifestyle, some practical work on nutrition, a study on the differences of Russian and Estonian cuisines and finally a banquet!

Rapla Vesiroosi Gymnasium

Rapla Vesiroosi Gymnasium is located in a small town called Rapla. It is 56 km from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia
There are 587 students and 59 teachers.

Rapla Vesiroosi
Making a cake in the cookery class.

We are happy to introduce some recipes of Estonian national cuisine.

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Tallinn Mustamäe Science Gymnasium

Our school is located in the center of a beautiful area of Tallinn – Mustamäe. The school was founded in 1967, and today we have 517 students in primary school and 124 in gymnasium. Our gymnasium is a member of the worldwide network of UNESCO Associated Schools. Objectives of the school program include the main themes raised by UNESCO: to attract  students to be interested in the world’s problems (tolerance, democracy, human rights, environmental protection); to widen the worldview of students and teachers; to learn about the features and traditions of different cultures.

The school has a reach experience of  participation in various projects such as Safe and Active Schoolday, Smoke Free Class, Mind Mosaic, Literary Tallinn and many others. The credo of our gymnasium is: Education must develop!

Food related subjects are not new for our school – the students of secondary classes (10th and 11th class) have the opportunity to take a basic course of Food Technology. During the lessons students have to create balanced menu, to consider the mineral and organic substances of food, calories, etc. They study how to organize the work of public catering establishments, take part in role-playing games and thematic quizzes, prepare different presentations about food, take part in excursions to the food industry (Kalev chocolate factory, Fazer and Leibur bakeries, etc.).

Our school is planning to hold a competition for young chefs, where students will not only get acquainted with the peculiarities of different national dishes, but also try to cook a variety of vegetarian, fish and meat dishes.

Rakvere Basic School

Rakvere 9-year school with its 202 students, 22 teachers and 105 years of history is the oldest school in Rakvere. The local community values our cosy schoolhouse, long history and traditions. 

Our lessons are in the Estonian language but English and Russian are taught as foreign languages.  Our students have achieved good results in different local and national contests and competitions. 

Lots of students are engaged in after-school activities, training and hobby groups. They can learn robotics, play different ballgames, sing in choirs, study nature in more detail, etc.  

We are a small and busy school.

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Turba School

Turba School is a small 9-year country school about 50 km to the west of our capital Tallinn. There are 132 students in our school and about 20 are participating in this project. Our school is 75 years old. Our pictures and videos will introduce different Estonian food and recipes. We are happy to be a part of this project.Our school might be very small but we care about each other and hold together.

We have many after-school hobby groups like singing, art, dancing, acting, sports. The Club of English is leading this food project. We play a lot of different games and do awesome activities in the club, and all in English. We also have cooked before. Last year we made English traditional food for Christmas. We had a lot of fun and are excited to make Estonian food to all of you.

We have a plan to introduce you a food week at our school canteen. They are simple everyday dishes, but very delicious, as we have a very good cook.

We would also like to show you how we make our black bread and take you to a fun bun contest on Shrove Tuesday.



Valga Gymnasium

Our school is quite small, we have about 142 students and 24 teachers. At the moment we`re studying in a smaller building because our actual schoolhouse is under renovation. From the next school year our school will be officially a state-operated high school .Also from this year we have a new and young headmaster, who has many innovative ideas. Our school system consists of 4 different study directions which are humanitarian, maths/science, economy and national defence directions. 

Valga Gymnasium is a UNESCO associated school and educates students of world education for several years as of now. The campaigns are helping students to better understand them and reach out to the community.
Our organization was helpful in organizing other cities and county schools campaigns. We made shared events and meetings.

 In the video there is traditional teachers day . In October teachers become students and in the video there is also a funny events and sports for the new 10 graders. Also in this video we are in the old building and from the spring we will go back to our new renovated school. In the video there is also a chemistry workshop and also we show you our winter ball then all the school classes are going to perform stand ups, songs or dances. School life is also very fun.

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