École du Bayon

Our primary school in Angkor is located south from Bayon temple, and has been built within Preah Saar pagoda. We are able to offer 5 of the 6 primary school grades observed in the Cambodian school system. The students go to the public school in the city for grade 6. In the primary school, the children study the official Khmer education program, composed of Khmer language, mathematics, geography, sciences and moral studies. It’s been two years now that they also have English class one hour per day.

Ecole du Bayon

In November, a canteen will open in the school! Our objective is to offer a healthy meal per day to all the children of the school. Everyone knows that it is important to eat well to work well.

Since 2013 we are able to do a medical check-up of all our students once a year. The programme also includes awareness sessions to hygiene rules and distribution of hygiene kit (toothbrush, soap, washing powder) every trimester.

Pastry School training
Based on motivation, academic records and family environment we have selected seventeen girls to study at our Pastry School. The training is free and the students benefit from free housing, lunch and pocket money to buy food for their diner. The training lasts 11 months, including 4 months of internship. During those 11 months, they will follow different courses from pastry cooking to selling and customer relations. The project is implemented through a partnership with Alain Cojean, French  restaurateur, and Fabien Rouillard, head pastry chief of Fauchon, based on a similar project started in Calcutta, resulting in the successful creation of the bakery Shuktara Cakes. Finally they will, hopefully, start their career by working in some of the best hotels of the city!

Ecole du Bayon Pastry School

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