Introduction from Rubizhne Secondary School

The team of Rubizhne Secondary School of I-III grades № 9 consisting of 20 students of 10-11 grades and biology teacher Natalia Dobroskok became a participant of the mini-project “We and Climate Change” 1Planet4All, implemented by Vostok SOS Charitable Foundation in partnership with Mondo NGO from Estonia

The school’s close long-term cooperation with the Vostok SOS Charitable Foundation always inspires new achievements and creative development. This time we will have an incredible study on “Climate Change and Us”, and most importantly – the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with students from Afghanistan, Estonia, Ghana, Kenya, Myanmar, Uganda.

During the project, we and students from different countries will discuss climate change in the classroom, create content for the school network blog, publish our own stories, photos, videos, in which we will talk about the impact of climate change on the community.

In the first sessions of Climate Change and Us project we got to know more about the school network and schools who are involved in it by reading the blog of the project.

We then went on to learn more about climate change and also practices creative writing to find our own stories about our lives and climate change. We also learned how to edit videos just by using our smartphones.

To begin our investigation about climate change we did and interview with a specialist from the Rubizhne city council.