Introduction from Fatima Zahra school

Fatima Zahra primary school of ADVS is situated in Jalalabad, Nangarhar province in Afghanistan. This school has around 280 students. The girls who are participating in the climate change project are 15 students from Fatima Zahra school who are currently studying here. They are aged 14 to 15 years old and live at the Hada internally displaced persons’ camp which is located near the school.

The students feel that climate change is a highly important issue for them because extreme weather instances impact the lives of people living in the IDP camp very much. For example dirty lakes and water pollution around the school makes it difficult to get clean water. At the camp, burning coal in winter season for heating the rooms is a big problem for air quality and extreme weather and increasing temperatures in the summer are impacting the lives of people more and more.

The students in the group had their first sessions of Climate Change and Us project where they got to know more about the harmful effects of climate change. They are eager to learn more about it and start collecting stories from their community.