Why food?

It is difficult (or almost impossible) to overestimate the importance of food and eating. There is no human being that can survive without eating – food is what connects us all, regardless of cultural or religious differences. Yet often in our everyday lives we tend to forget to pay attention to what and with whom we are eating. This blog is about focusing on the important things (the things we can eat!), learning about our foods and teaching others what we have learned.

The students who write in this blog are from very different backgrounds and have very different daily meals. We have students from Yemen, Estonia and Afghanistan who have never heard the words posho or githeri before this blog and students from Ghana, Cambodia, Uganda and Kenya who could not recognize must leib or dhamool from a photo before their friends from the other side of the world could teach them about it. Some students from these schools have been exchanging letters already for some time before this project, some of the schools have just recently joined the NGO Mondo school network.

In this blog we talk about our traditional foods and how to prepare them; we talk about growing our own food and about knowing where our food comes from. In this blog we forget our cultural differences and sit down to share a meal of understanding and enjoy the mental nourishment we receive from one another. We invite you to join us at this table and learn things you never would have known about.

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