Fatima Zahra school
Fatima Zahra School is a Girls’ School near Jalalabad in Eastern Afghanistan. 250 girls and one boy study here in grades 1-8. We have 9 female and 1 male teacher. Our schoolyear lasts from September to May. Since the  2016 school year with the support of NGO Mondo we have solar panels for generating electricity. This schoolyear in 2018 two classrooms were fully decorated!
Students from Fatima Zahra School with letters from Valga Põhikool in Estonia.
We plan to show to other schools how to cook one of our favourite foods, Kabuli Palaw. It is an Afghan pilf dish consisting of steamed rice mixed with raisins, meat, carrots and herbs. It is one of the most popular dishes in Afghanistan, and is considered the Afghan national dish. Kabuli Palaw is a made by cooking long grained rice in a brothy sauce (which makes the rice brown). This dish may be made with lamb chicken or beef. Kabuli Palaw is baked in the oven and may be topped with fried sliced carrots, raisins, orange peel strips, and chopped nuts like pistachios or almonds. The meat is covered by the rice or buried in the middle of the dish.
In our area people grow a lot of olive trees and best olive oil in Afghanistan is made here. We will write a story about how olives become olive oil.

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