Recycling workshop in Yakoti Primary and Junior High School

A group of students from Yakoti Primary and Junior High School took part in a recycling workshop on the 4th of November. We discussed the problems that plastic waste causes in the environment and ways to solve these problems. We came to a conclusion that the most important step to dealing with the waste problem is not to create the trash in the first place. By reducing the amount of single use plastics (bags, bottles etc) we buy and take from the shops we create less waste that needs to be disposed of. We also talked about how we should reuse these same plastic items many times and when they are no longer usable we can recycle them to make new objects.

Groups of students went around our school buildings and collected the plastic trash that was on the ground. We learned how to make yarn from that plastic and used it for weaving ropes, knitting and crocheting different objects. Some students even got the clever idea to make a net for the football goal in our school. All in all we had a fun workshop and learned a lot!

Ghanaian dish “nkanzagma” by Yakoti JHS

Yakoti Junior High School prepared Ghanaian national dish “nkanzagma”

Little helper from kindergarten!

“Nkanzagma” is a dish prepared mainly from millet flour and cooked by steaming. It is a delicious light meal for lunch.



  • ½ bowl of millet flour
  • Pepper and salt to taste
  • Cooking oil
  • White beans leaves


  1. Wash and pound beans leaves
  2. Add salt-bitter and water
  3. Mix thoroughly and squeeze out beans leaves
  4. Sprinkle the mixture on the flour and mix well
  5. Put cooking pot on fire and spread with net or clean leaves/grasses
  6. Put mixture in a calabash or shallow rubber and roll till smaller balls are formed
  7. Spread them on the net or clean grasses and allow the steam to cook it
  8. Serve with oil and pepper hot or cold.

Very important part of the procedure is shaking/rolling the mixture to form small balls.

Shaking the mixture in calabash

Here’s our video! Have a nice 7 minutes with us!



BON APPETIT! (English)

HEAD ISU! (Estonian)

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