Clean up activity with Kongo Primary School

On 7th of November all the students of Kongo Primary School participated in a clean up activity of our village. The clean-up activity was a part of the program for our school anniversary celebration. In Kongo we have quite a big problem with waste management. The disposal of waste is not so well organized by the govenrment which means that most people are left to dispose of their waste on their own. Some people burn all of their trash (including the plastics) and other people just throw it on the ground somewhere. Because of that there is a lot of plastic trash littering the environment here, which of course as we all know, is not good.

The more than 500 students of our school all came together on Monday to clean as much of the village as possible. Students from Kongo Junior High School joined us as well. We took the road from our school to the education office in the village and picked up trash that we found on the way. The road looked much nicer afterwards 🙂

It’s one thing to try to clean up the litter that’s already around, but more importantly we have to find ways to keep the trash from getting to the environment in the first place. For that purpose we had a discussion with classes 5 and 6 where we talked about different ways to solve the waste problem. Namely the importance of reducing our use of plastic packages, reusing the plastic object we already have and recycling the things that can no longer be used. As a recycling technique we learned how to weave and crochet with yarn made from plastic bags.

We learned how important it is that everbody takes responsibility for keeping our village clean.

Estonian School lunch at Kongo Primary School

The primary school class 5 students from Miina Härma Gümnaasium draw pictures of their school lunch and sent them with two Estonian ladies to Kongo, Ghana for a display at Kongo Primary School.Kongo PS_MHG (1).jpg

The Mondo teacher John Bire organised the exhibition on 15th of December 2015. But first the pupils had to discover from the pictures the items of food that are common for both Estonian and Ghanaian students like chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, bread and carrots. But there was also a lot to discover for Kongo students: beloved fruits like cherries were even unknown for the teacher. Another aspect the pupils found bizarre was the fact that most Estonian students drink milk with their lunch.

Kongo Primary school is one of the lucky schools that benefits from the national school feeding programme. Not all schools and students have this luxury. When you take a look at the poster, notice also the section dedicated for hygiene in the lower left section and how all of the family is involved in the process: father is farming, mother is cooking and children are happily in school!

Kongo Prim Deco (5)

Take a look at the menu and go check what foods were banku and okro! Also compare the menu with yours at school and to the recommended food pyramid.

Kongo Prim Deco (3)

Estonian pupils are eager to receive replies to discover more in detail the Ghanaian food!



An exhibition of vegetables in Kongo Primary School

When was the last time you visited an exhibition? But have you ever been to food exhibition? You are invited now!

We, the students and teachers from Kongo Primary School, want you to come to Ghana, Kongo village to see what we are growing on the fields and what we eat here. You can’t come now? OK, then watch our movie about the exhibition we made and the electronical photoalbum of vegetables!

Have a nice 3 minutes in Ghana!

Everyone who could, brought some kind of vegetable to the school. Then we wrote on piece of papers the names of the vegetables. Some of them were hard ones even for the teachers! So they looked from the biology books for the English words.  We composed the exhibition, added labels and then Liina (volunteer from Estonia) taught us, students, how to use the tablet and take photos. Even the children from kindergarten could make them! It was really fun!  Because one of us discovered the button how to make selfies instead of vegetables… 🙂

We also had a conversation with Liina about the vegetables – what they taste like? What dishes can you do with them? What’s your favourite? Why? Etc. Afterwards we made a photo of all the students from our Kongo school! The day was 2 in 1: educative and joyful!

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