Ghanaian dish “kanzagma” of beans by Gane-Asonge PS

The students and teachers from Gane-Asonge Primary School prepared Ghanaian national dish called “kanzagma” using beans.

Asonge team
Our cooking team

Local people don’t eat “kanzagma” every day, it is a meal that they make for special guests.

Ingredients needed for “kanzagma” we prepared:

  • beans;
  • water;
  • salt bitter;
  • groundnut oil;
  • “yahzi” if you like  (made from “kulikuli” which gotten from groundnut);
  • one onion;
  • pepper and salt.

Instead of a blender we used our “local blender” called “atta aueia”  – “woman power blender” as our teachers named it.

Blogisse blenderi pilt
Local blender

First of all you have to put the beans into water for 30 minutes, after that you can grind them.

Blogisse kolm osa oad
Beans in the water; grinding the beans and already ground beans.
Blogisse ubade tampimine girls
Students grinding the beans

Watch our video and find out how simple but delicious dish of beans is prepared:

Blogisse valmitoidu viimne lihv
Blogisse valmistoit
Our “kanzagma” of beans is ready

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