Ghanaian food in Peetri School

This event took place as a part of world month named “World’s Different Faces”, read more here:

Few weeks ago, when it was our cooking class, we got to meet a volunteer from Ghana. At the beginning she introduced us Ghana’s traditions and different foods and then she introduced us what we were going to cook. So the meal was made of fried bananas and some spicy sauce called „red-red“. It was a bit surprising that African people don’t eat bananas as a dessert. Bananas are considered as a salty food or a dish.

When it was time to start cooking, we were told what to do and then we started. At first, some of us fried the raw bananas and the others were making the sauce. Our food was smelling so good that some teachers even came and peeked into our kitchen to see what we were doing. Besides cooking African food, we got to hear different stories about volunteering life in Africa. Finally it was time to eat our delicious meal and we were positively surprised about the good taste of fried bananas with „red-red“ sauce. We are thankful for that fun experience.

Peetri kooli toidupäev

Tomatoes vs robots???

Do you know how robots can make ketchup? All the students who came from all over Estonia and participated in the Day of Technology which was held in Tallinn Real School and Tartu Kivilinna School know that! The students in teams had to construct a robot (using computer program,Lego blocks etc) that smashes tomatoes.

My tomato seller at the market in Kongo village, Ghana, Africa

Yes, we all know that food is not for playing, that is why I, Liina, Mondo’s volunteer, gave a lecture about tomatoes: where they grow in the world, which countries are the largest tomato producers, how healthy tomatoes are, what is the nutritional value of tomatoes etc.

Liina talking about tomatoes

By he way, did you know the fact that every third tomatoes are thrown away in the world? So if we could waste 25% less food, it would be enough to feed more than 870 million famine people.

So, how the tomatoes are used?

1) For food: salads, pizzas, ketchup, drinks etc.

Tomato drink

2) In cosmetics, for tomato face mask

Tomato mask

3) For entertainment: popular tomato fights in Spain – La Tomatina Festival

tomato festival
La Tomatina Festival

4) For ELECTRICITY! Yes, three Kenyan girls discovered how to produce electricity from tomatoes. Watch the video below:


Also watch this useful video about tomato power:

After some hours of working in teams, constructing robots (“Ketchup makers”)…..

Constructing robots
Constructing robots

And building a protection for tomatoes…

A protection for a tomatoe to keep it from being smashed

The competition could start!

Robot is ready!
Oh no!
No more protection 🙂

After the competition we used all the tomatoes to make delicious tomato drink.

Bon appetit!

Watch the video about tomatoes vs robots!