Introduction from Severodonetsk Secondary School 5


We are the students of Severodonetsk  Secondary School 5, Luhansk Oblast, Severodonetsk city. This is the school, whose students want to change the world. The team of the 10th and 11th graders is full of enthusiasm and ideas for changes. Each of us is a broadminded and unique person, who seeks to change the world and worries about its current problems. We believe that the problem of climate change is not just important, but global and affects each of us. Why? Because climate change is happening because of the human race and everyone is contributing. We live in the city with a lot of chemical plants, so we know better than anyone about the consequences of such actions and experience their influence. So, we really want to change that. To change the world you need to set in order first! Without solving this question, we will destroy nature, everything around, even ourselves. Our school is one of the leading Zero Waste movement in the region. We have already carried out such actions as picking garbage  in the city, planting trees and installing special sorting bins in our school, which are accessible to all citizens. We also care for the younger generations, teach them how to reduce our harmful impact on the planet, tell them about environmental values, because we understand that our future depends on the youth!

We were very excited to get to work on the climate change project. In the first sessions of this project we got to know more a bout the Mondo school network and the countries included in the project.

Then in the following sessions we learned more about climate change: what causes it and what are the consequences of it worldwide.

We also had some sessions about creative writing where we learned to tell our life stories. Then we got to know some tips and tricks how to turn a story into a short film just by using our smartphones.

Here is a short video introduction of our school:

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