An exhibition of vegetables in Kongo Primary School

When was the last time you visited an exhibition? But have you ever been to food exhibition? You are invited now!

We, the students and teachers from Kongo Primary School, want you to come to Ghana, Kongo village to see what we are growing on the fields and what we eat here. You can’t come now? OK, then watch our movie about the exhibition we made and the electronical photoalbum of vegetables!

Have a nice 3 minutes in Ghana!

Everyone who could, brought some kind of vegetable to the school. Then we wrote on piece of papers the names of the vegetables. Some of them were hard ones even for the teachers! So they looked from the biology books for the English words.  We composed the exhibition, added labels and then Liina (volunteer from Estonia) taught us, students, how to use the tablet and take photos. Even the children from kindergarten could make them! It was really fun!  Because one of us discovered the button how to make selfies instead of vegetables… 🙂

We also had a conversation with Liina about the vegetables – what they taste like? What dishes can you do with them? What’s your favourite? Why? Etc. Afterwards we made a photo of all the students from our Kongo school! The day was 2 in 1: educative and joyful!

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