“Ya nafs ma teshtay”

Ya nafs ma teshtay means you get what you wish to eat in English. It is the name of the event we have on the day before Ramadan – the month of fasting. We make many kinds of foods, sweets, drinks, and coffee for this event; then we meet with our family and friends to eat and to talk. We spend the day together in order to make it a special day of the year.

In this day we get a lot of guests and celebrate. The day starts by reading the holy Quran; it continues with hearing (nasheed), and listening to kutbah about Ramadan and about how priceless is time, how we should be spiritual and do good deeds. After that we continue with one of the most popular dance in Yemen: “Bara’a”. Then the men and women eat separately on the floor; some dishes are eaten with hands.



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